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For over twenty years, All Pro Lacrosse Camps have established themselves as the country’s elite instructional camps, drawing campers from all over the United States and Canada. We use convenient locations with top notch facilities and well manicured fields. Our goal is to make each player gain confidence with their stick control and field awareness to truly develop to their full potential. We strive to help campers capitalize on their strengths and correct their weaknesses.

The curriculum at All Pro Lacrosse Camps includes every aspect of offense, defense, mid-field and goal keeping. Instruction covers everything from individual techniques to team tactics. Strategies and theories are demonstrated in both one on one and full field play. Each camper is grouped by age and ability to create the most beneficial learning environment.

All Pro Lacrosse Camps are about learning, friends and fun. Our campers return year after year, each time leaving with the greatest experience. Sign up now because enrollment is limited!

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The All Pro Experience

Camp Description

With over 20 years of instructional lacrosse camp experience, Tom Marechek has put together the perfect combination of training, drills and activities to improve a player’s skills and knowledge of the game.

The curriculum at All Pro Lacrosse Camps covers everything from individual techniques to situational and team tactics. Strategies and theories are demonstrated in both one on one play as well as half and full field game play. Players are grouped by age and ability to foster each player’s development.

Come join us this summer to learn the All Pro Tradition!


All Pro Lacrosse takes great pride in having a highly experienced, world class coaching and training staff year after year. Our philosophy is that to bring the best out of a player, he or she must be coached by experienced and knowledgeable instructors who understand the game on all levels.

All Pro coaches are handpicked by Tom Marechek for each position (including face-off instruction). Our coaching staff can motivate, inspire and cultivate the best out of a player.

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Daily Schedule

Each morning starts with a good stretch and agility work by our All Pro Staff. Then we move on to line drills using different creative tactics to make sure each player is using proper form. Later, each player will move on to positional station work where Tom and his staff observe each camper to make them feel comfortable with the position they are in. The staff at All Pro is selected for each position and we make sure that demonstrations for all aspects of the game are shown to the campers. The campers will practice team oriented tactics and then advance to actual game situations.

What To Bring

Each camper will need all lacrosse equipment including sneakers and cleats. A confirmation email with all pertinent information will be emailed to each camper once we receive their application.

What You Get

  1. New Under Armour Lax Head
  2. Under Armour Reversible Jersey
  3. Daily Under Armour Giveaways
  4. Elite Instructional Camp Experience From Our Team of All Pro Coaches


If you have to cancel your registration for any reason, you will be issued a camp credit for the camp fee paid that is valid for any All Pro Lacrosse Camps through the end of the year. Your camp credit can be used for any family member and may be used for any All Pro Lacrosse Camp within this current calendar year. Cash refunds will only be issued with the purchase of All Pro Lacrosse Cancellation Insurance. Pro-rated refunds will not be provided.

All Pro Cancellation Insurance: For an additional $40, Cancellation Insurance can be added to your registration to guarantee a cash refund in case you have to cancel for any reason. Our cancellation insurance entitles you to a full cash refund of the camp fee paid, if you cancel within seven(7) days of the start of your camp session. If the registered camper has to leave camp early for any reason, you will receive a pro-rated credit to your account. Pro-rated cash refunds will not be provided. Note: $40 Cancellation Insurance fee is non-refundable.

My name is Graig McElroy and I am the head coach of the Warwick Valley Boys Varsity lacrosse team. I just wanted to take the time and let you know, that after observing your field demonstration during the 2010 US lacrosse demonstration you have unlocked for me the difference between good shooters and great shooters with what is a seemingly inconspicuous coaching point.

Emphasizing the high elbow finish has completely changed my players ability to shoot in one practice. I put on a shooting clinic implementing your no ball shooting and triangle shooting drills and the difference is remarkable.

I feel that with this I can accelerate the learning curve of all the athletes I deal with, especially since we’re a young program that is only in our fifth year. We made it to the state tournament last year in NY and I think that this will allow me to keep continuity for years to come.

In short, thank you. Such a simple point makes a tremendous difference.

Graig McElroy
Head Coach Warwick Valley Varsity Lacrosse

This camp was the best learning camp that I have ever been to.

Justin Greer
West Palm Beach, Florida

I’ve been coming to All Pro Lacrosse Camps for six years and now I’m the leading scorer on my high school team.

Wade Dean
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I learned more instruction for defense than from any coach or team I played for before.

Zach Schmidt
Myersville, Maryland

Tom Marechek and his staff are the funniest and best coaches I’ve ever seen.

Peter Zellar
Ashton, Virginia

When I start something I have to finish it. I always need to play at an advanced level to sharpen my skills. I love sports and I want to play them as long as I can.

I want to know that I am good at what I do. I enjoy spending time with my friends and one way I do that is through sports. My favorite sport is lacrosse and it’s even more fun with my friends. I started playing lacrosse in 1999 and in 2002 I decide to try out for the COBRA travel team. Unfortunately for me, I did not make the team, but all my friends that tried out made it. I played in the recreational league instead and I practiced and practiced.

Then the next year came and I headed off to COBRA tryouts. This time I got cut again, but it went better. I made it to the final round and I wasn’t cut at the field. I was one of the last people called to get cut, but that didn’t really help boost my confidence. So yet again, I was playing “rec” lacrosse. This particular season did however boost my confidence and I felt I was a better player. Being one of the most experienced players on my team, I helped my team go to the championship after we had lost all of our regular season games.
That summer, I went to a camp called “Tom Marechek’s All-Pro Lacrosse Camp”. This camp really sharpened my skills. My faceoffs, stickwork, shooting, and overall level of gameplay was bettered, and it gave me a chance to learn from great college and professional players. I knew then that I could accomplish my goal.

The tryouts for 2004 were the toughest, but I knew I could do it. I did everything the coaches wanted and I gave my all. The coach even remembered me and told me how I had improved and how he liked how I kept on coming out for the team. I scooped up balls, threw good passes with my right and left hand, and I even scored a few times. A couple of days later, the coach called to congratulate me on making the team. I knew that year was going to be a challenge, but that was perfect for me. I was right where I wanted to be.

Brent Greer

Tom Marechek is one of the most experienced and passionate minds in the game of lacrosse. A former championship player at all levels of the game, he is now passing on his skill set from his glory days through coaching the stars of tomorrow.

Sam Chambers
Author of ‘Head Case – Lacrosse Goalie