Tom Marechek

Tom Marechek

tom marechek

Name: Thomas Marechek
Current Status: Director and Coach of Team 42
Residence: Baltimore, Maryland
Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
College: Syracuse University 1989 – 1992

Coaching Career

It’s rare to find an iconic player who has the ability to pass on his knowledge and insight of the game through great coaching. For over 20 years, Tom Marechek has done just that and created a tradition of excellent lacrosse instruction at All Pro Lacrosse. Marechek’s philosophy is that greatness is built through a combination of hard work, desire to win, commitment and great coaching. A player can work to improve on the first three, but a great coach cannot be easily replaced.

Tom is currently the Head Coach of the Men’s Varsity Lacrosse Team at Friends School of Baltimore in Maryland. Tom coached the runner MIAA Championship Team from 2010 – 2012.

  • 2013 Head Coach of the Under Armour All-American Underclassmen Championship Team
  • 2010 – 2011 Head Coach of runner up MIAA Championship Team
  • 2011 – 2012 Coached runner up MIAA Championship Team
  • NCAA Tewaraaton Trophy Selection Committee 2010 and 2011
  • 2008 Assistant Coach for the South Team in the Under Armour All-American Game
  • 2004 – 05 Head Coach for MIAA”C: Championship Team
  • 2003 – 04 Head Coach for MIAA”C: Championship Team

Prior to coaching at Friends’ School, Tom was the Head Coach of Glenelg Country School’s Men’s Varsity Lacrosse Team. He led the Glenelg Country School Dragons to the lacrosse MIAA Conference Championship Game four times since 1999, winning the MIAA “C” Conference championships two years in a row 2003 and 2004. Tom’s coaching career also extends to leading the Under Armour All-American Underclassmen South Team for 2013.


Under Armour

Tom has joined forces with Under Armour Lacrosse where he is a spokesperson and a director of UA Lacrosse camps and player development!  Tom also is a technology representative for UA Lacrosse which involves design and engineering of Under Armour Lacrosse hard goods throughout the country!

Tom “Hollywood” Marechek – The Player

Tom is probably the most prolific goal scorer in the history of the game. Tom has it all from quickness, strength, great stick skills and is a tremendously versatile shooter that can elude any goalie on the planet. Tom began his career in Victoria, British Columbia playing since the age of five. He then moved on to win 2 NCAA titles at Syracuse and was a four time All American. He later was drafted by the Philadelphia Wings of the National Lacrosse League in 1994 with the Philadelphia Wings, and retired in 2005, and played seven seasons with the Baltimore/Washington Bayhawks.


  • Tom’s Youth years “Indoor lacrosse” – Victoria Seasprays 1974-1984
  • Victoria Esquimalt Legion Junior “A” 1985-1989
  • Victoria Seaspray/ Royal Waxmen first outdoor lacrosse team in Victoria 1983-1988
  • Syracuse Orangemen NCAA Division 1. 1989-92
  • Brooklin Redman Ontario Major League 1990 and 94
  • Victoria Shamrocks Senior “A” 1997
  • Team Toyota Lacrosse Club 1996-2000
  • Team “Canada” 1990,94,98 and 2006
  • Philadelphia Wings – National Lacrosse League (Indoor) 1994-2005
  • Baltimore & Washington Bayhawks – Major League Lacrosse 2001-2007

Professional Career Timeline


Baltimore/Washington Bayhawks

  • 2001 – Acquired as the 4th Overall pick in the inaugural MLL draft Jan.13th 2001 named to the All Star Team after scoring 34 goals and adding 11 assists for a 45 point season
  • 2002 – Scores 29 goals and adds 11 assists for a 40 point season selected again on the All-star Team then WINNING the MLL Championship.
  • 2003 – Scoring 28 goals and adding 9 assists for 37 points and selected a third time to the All-star Game.
  • 2004 – Named to the All Star Team for the 4th straight year after scoring 27 goals and adding 11 assists for a 38 point season.
  • 2005 – After finishing 4th in the ‘league’ scoring race with 33 goals and 22 assists, Tom led the Bayhawks Win their Second MLL Title With 15-9 Win Over the Long Island Lizards
  • 2006 – With the World Games on the horizon and a shortened season for Tom (due to a nasty hamstring pull), Tom and his Bayhawk team recorded their worse season to date with a 4-8 record and out of the playoffs. Tom still managed to finish 3rd in ‘team’ scoring while only playing 7 out of 12 games with 17 goals and 6 assists, including his first (2) 2 point goals in his career.
  • 2007 – The team has NOW moved to Washington, D.C. and it was NOT a banner first year for the new Bayhawks. Tom missed 2 games but still managed to score 19 goals along with 13 assists for 32 points.



Philadelphia Wings

  • 1994 – Acquired from Buffalo in exchange for a ’94 3rd round draft pick…then became “Rookie of the Year” for the Wings which included a MILL World Champion after scoring 14 goals and adding 19 assists for a 33 points in a 7game season.
  • 1995 – Second Team All Pro and another MILL World Champion Scoring 17 goals and 18 assists for 35 points
  • 1996 – First Team All Pro as he collected 27 goals, 28 assists for 55 points, but lost to the Buffalo Bandits in the Finals.
  • 1997 – First Team All Pro scoring 28 goals 22 assists for 50 points.
  • 1998 – First Team All Pro and NLL Champion leading the team with 31 goals, 30 assists, totally 61 points.
  • 1999 – First Team All Pro, NLL All Star Team and had 39 goals and 19 assists for 58 points
  • 2000 – First Team All Pro as he tallied 41 goals, 26 assists for 67 points
  • 2001 – First Team All Pro and NLL Champion leading his team with a personal season best scoring 48 goals. He also collected 31 assists for a 79 point season
  • 2002 – NLL All Star Team and Fifth in the League for Scoring with 44 goals, 52 assists and a best for Tom at 96 points.
  • 2003 – NLL All Star Team and Fifth in the League for Scoring with 42 goals and 45 assists for 87 points
  • 2004 – NLL 2nd team All-star in a disappointing year for the Wings, but Tom still managed to lead the team once again with 27 goals, 43 assists for 70 points.



Mid-Season Retirement

  • 2005 – His Swan Song as Tom announced mid-season of his retirement from the N.L.L. and as a Wing. Tom did his best to go out in style and hoped to help the Wings rebound into the playoffs and to go the distance. Even with all the changes and the future of the young Wing stars, the team had a disappointing season and failed to make the playoffs once again. He played in the All-star game helping the East defeat the West. Tom lead the Wings with 40 goals and 40 assists for 80 points. He fell short of scoring 400 goals in his illustrious career, but ended it as the Leagues 3rd top scorer ever accumulating 399 goals along with 374 assists for a final total of 773 points.



His Syracuse teammates and friends from his hometown Victoria , B.C. Canada also finished along side Tom and his numbers. Gary Gait retired as the 1st Overall point leader in the NLL and his twin brother Paul, finishing 4th all time point leader.


Tom & WINGS teammates last championship came in Toronto against the Rock in 2001 upsetting them 9-7 and taking home the trophy (team photo following the game).



For the first time since 1978, the Canadian National Team finally conquered the favorite American team in the World Games held July of 2006 in London, Ontario Canada.

Tom contributed very little statistically because of the nasty hamstring he endured throughout…playing the first and, more importantly, in the Final game for the Championship …but was no doubt an important member of their team.